Ball bearing sliding

Systems with ball bearing sliding, ball bearing cages and floating bearings

Below the characteristics of systems that use the ball bearing sliding:

  • High precision
  • Sensitive
  • Rigid
  • Long duration

The flagship product are the ball bearing cages, that have the ball bearing arranged in oblique axes, spiral and rhombus. Everything is studied to have high precision and long duration.

The ball bearing cages are made in various measures and materials, also on specific customer request.

Material used for cages:

  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Aluminum
  • AVP
  • Inox steel

Ball bearing cages, applications

The ball bearing cages could be used on the applications below:

  • Guide columns for molds
  • Fast linear movements
  • Work unit carts for wood working machines and metal
  • Movements with preloaded ball bearings, in movements of high rigidity
  • No lubricant movements for pharma-chemical machines
  • Movements for measures instruments
  • Bound movements

Floating bearings


Dal Soggio studies and makes floating bearings for linear, radial and combined movements (radial on customer request).

The applications of floating bearings:

  • Textile machines
  • Thermal expansion shafts
  • Shafts for printing press
  • Great size shafts
  • Fast flotation

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