Needles wheels

Manifacturing of pulling needles wheels for milling machines

These needles wheels with their special design have been studied to solve feed problems on planning and moulding machines. They are distinguished from other wheels because feeding occurs as an effect of needles which can be tapered or in truncated cone shape, according to needs. They are composed of a wheel in cast iron and by a sleeve in brass with the needles, fitted by pressure. They are made in all sizes and for every machine.

Holing whees for wood milling machines (moulders).

This needles wheels, of particulary conception, were studued to solve pulling problems on milling machines. They are different by other wheels because the pulling is for needles effect, that can be conical or tronco – conical, on costumer’s need. they are composed by a cast iron wheel and a brass shirt with needles, pressure fitted.

They are produced in every measures and for every type of moulding machine.


  • Little pressure on wood and therefore less friction on wood floor
  • No need to lubricate wood to slide it on floor
  • Less precision allows to pulling parts (bearing, cardan, joint, etc) to preserve themselves
  • They can pull back and forth
  • They haven’t got cavitions between teeths so chipsdon’t attached on them and don’t cover them
  • On has got safety and certainty of a perfect driving using only our wheels on the entire machine

Versions available

  • Yellow needles wheels “C” type alloy steel needles with protrusion of 1 – 1.5 and 2.5 mm
  • “PF16” type needles wheels, that mount a greater quantity of “C” type needles
  • “PF20” type needles wheels, that mount an elevated quantity of special needles, very small, with protrusion from 0.2 mm to 1 mm. They were studied to replace the rubber wheels, that weare out themselves fast. The needles’ imprint often is not visible, and for other it is perfectly removed with the smoothing.
  • Special executions: on tilted surface, on sections, on sectors, on freewheel, of large diameters, combined for long trees or on specifically costumer’s draw.

Every dimension are on mm.

Model N° needles for a Ø 140 x L50 N° needles for a Ø 140 x L22 Ø from 100 to 140 Width Needles height Flanged Wheels Special needles (long life) Special to replace rubber wheels Advise for first wheel Available with freewheels
from 10 to 50 from 10 to 22 from 0,2 a 1 1 1,5 2 2,5
“C” 640
“C” 265
“PF 16” 1370
“PF 16” 600
“PF 20” 2300  •  •
“PF 20” 1000
Important For an efficent pull is indispensable that every wheels responsible for this function and assembled on the same machine, are be of same diameter, because with wheels of a less different diameter, on obtains the braking effect and also with our wheels need to give only the sufficent pression to anchorate needles on wood. A further pression significantly decreases the efficiency of pulling.

Pulling needles wheels

Often on moulders on observes the stop of wood’s progress. This effect is to be found on the pulling wheels. Dal Soggio s.r.l. after had studied the problem, had produced the needles wheels.

This wheels are composed by a supported cast iron wheel, a brass ring where needles are put. Everything is assembled and made integral in one wheel.

Needles on the wheels, operation and duration

The function value of this wheels is in needles, that protruded by circumference in different form, dimensions and dispositions, making easy their penetration into wood and ensure an high grip. Needles are made in special wear and lapped alloy steel.

Their duration couldn’t be estimated with precision, because it depends by workload of machine, but is estimated in more than two years. However there is no danger of fracture, also in presence of very hard wood and with mpbile nodes.

The low pressure on wheels generates littlefriction on wood’s floor and making unnecessary the lubricant to slide it.

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