Special mechanical processing

We can provide special mechanical processing

Dal Soggio S.r.l. with several years of experience, disposes of various high-tech machineries that allow it to do special mechanical processing on customers’ request.

CNC Yamazaki Mazak

Our CNC Mazak can provide different type of mechanical processing amoung which:

  • milling
  • turning
  • 5 axis machining
dal soggio

CNC honing machine

With this high-tech lapping machine we can:

  • honing pieces from Ø 15 mm to Ø 90 mm smoothing diameters for a maximum of 600 mm lenght

Wenzel measuring machine

With this spectacular measuring machine we can provide an high precision measuring service.


Babyplast moulding machine

Our Babyplast moulding machine can:

  • produce personalized mulded pieces with a maximum injection of 15 cm³ and over 800 bar

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